Acolora by Team Acolora

Adsonare by samsamchristine

BPM by ohputain & friends

Bon Appétit by RV2000

Die Häutung by DJ Serpent

The music I like is colored

Electropia by Soundsystems

Electropostale by Guillaume & Brice

Deux Kümpels qui découvrent ensemble l'histoire électronique de contrées lointaines et parfois très proches.

En filigrane by Filip

Entropic Sounds by Luke Gregorio

Light touch, groovy and deeper music. Expect to hear a lot of house, and if you’re lucky sometimes British indie, soulful stuff, vintage pop, tech, or anything in between.

Even in the laugther by Felix Raman

Extérieur Jour by Nina Benoit & Guillaume Verger

Fibulation by Fibula

Brain flip flop

Fish Music by Oscar Salmon & Darius Plaice

What music do fish listen to? We don't know. I'll do my best to guess but, again, we really don't know.

Hache to Hache by Rufsig

Un zouk mensuel haché menu

Heavy Eyes by Harvey Moon

Cradlesong to lull ye heavy eyes.

HiDyFusion by Hidden Dynamics

Hidden Dynamics is a collective of soul gathered by a keen sense of art and a story telling passion. Trough their orignal productions, mixes, visuals and events they narrate the complexe and dantean legend of the Dynamics

In the Isotherm by Polexia

Infracontes by Hugo Jacquemin

Quelques bribes auditives de chouettes choses : comme un jeu de piste qui aurait tourné court, par manque de traces à suivre, oubli des règles, effusion de fredonnements, silences et prédilection pour la ballade.

Le Document by Document

J'envoie le document par email

Longueur d'Onde by Red Auros

Introspective journey into the history of the subgenres of electronic music. Reflecting their plurality, it is colourful and subjective. It seeks above all to transport its listener in a quest that is certainly temporal but above all aural and cultural.

Made in Tracks by Kia Inverno

Show me the tracks and I’ll tell you who you are.

Mappa Mundi by Able Archer

Du centre au bord

No Company by Steelix

No Sound by Theo Guttenplan

Join Theo Guttenplan for an hour and change of free and all adjacent musics

North Projects by Georgie Duboulay

North music usic sic

Now and... Then by Kit Mosely

Hopefully after each show, we'll know more about our own musical preferences

Ornithologie by Rameau

Ça ne ressemble pas à un oiseau, mais je sense que c’est un oiseau

Rush Hour by Alpine Rocket Social Club

Sélection de douceurs électroniques.

Session Shack by Sunni D

Squash Drinkers (undiluted, no water) by Derek Lamp

Poured not squeezed

Three Sentence Tales by New Dionysians

Unattended by Npoint_O

This Radio show serves as an outlet for Npoint_O to spend an hour together with the listener, featuring driving hypnotic energy from all over the board.

Valdo Rhythm by Valdo dj crew

Various by Mammout

Ondes prehistoriques et lignes mélodiques entêtantes

Various by Josefine Ehs

What You Want by Minna Eyre

I know what you really want. Do you know what you really want?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ by Martin Bagnol

Musique souvent septentrionale

Soundsystems Radio is a cross-Channel, online radio station, created with love from the hearts and minds of the association Soundsystems. Every Monday, we broadcast an eclectic mix of DJ sets, podcasts and chatty hours from Paris, London and more.
Soundsystems Radio est la webradio de notre association mère Soundsystems. Tous les lundis, nous diffusons un mélange éclectique de DJ sets et de podcasts depuis Paris, Londres, et plus.